Quinn Kybartas

Interactive storytelling and ai Researcher


Hello, I'm a researcher and digital maker interested in Interactive Storytelling and AI. I've been working in research for ten years, and my primary interests are in artificial intelligence, and specifically how AI techniques can be used to create dynamic and engaging stories in interactive media such as games and interactive fiction. I am currently a PhD student working in a joint project between McGill University, Concordia University and Université de Montrèal. As a researcher, I have focused on the intersection of generative methods and artificial intelligence to be used in the automatic creation of narrative. I have created and collaborated on a number of open source tools to serve this purpose, as well as developing new algorithms, evaluation metrics and interactive examples. I have also worked and published in the field of serious games development, and using narrative in medical systems, and worked in game development. Check out my CV here!


My research has spanned a number of topics and publications relating to interactive storytelling, narrative generation, conversational AI, NLP, Serious Games and Medical Systems. More details can be found on Academia.Edu, ResearchGate and Google Scholar. Or check out some of my selected research or projects! Some are published under my former name "Ben Kybartas".

Selected Publications

Tension Space Analysis for Emergent Narratives. Quinn Kybartas, Clark Verbrugge and Jonathan Lessard, IEEE Transactions on Games, 2020. Link

TextWorld: A Learning Environment for Text-Based Games. Marc-Alexandre Côté et al., Workshop on Computer Games, 2018. Link

A Therapy System for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Using a Virtual Agent and Virtual Storytelling to Reconstruct Traumatic Memories. Myrthe Tielman et al., Journal of Medical Systems, 2017. Link

A Survey on Story Generation Techniques for Authoring Computational Narratives. Quinn Kybartas and Rafael Bidarra, IEEE Transactions on Computational Intellifence and AI in Games, 2016. Link


As well as research I've also worked on a number of professional and personal games and digital art works. This includes commercial indie games, experimental games, demoscene works and even AI written novels. A selection of these are shown above!